Fishing Speedboat


   1-2kg.   3-4kg.  6kg.  6-10kg.  15kg. 

  Ready made and in stock. 

by: Grailmaster Game rods

Alps rollered game fishing rods custom and ready made fishing rods


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Aftco Rollered game fishing rods lifetime warranty on custom fishing rods


Quality builds with a lifetime warranty on all custom rods.

What is a Grail Master.!! .........a light tackle game rod specifically designed to take record sized pelagic's by

eliminating common problems associated with ultra-light mono's.    

1kg-2kg, 3kg-4kg, straight 6kg, 6-10kg, and managing to even get a few 15kg's built.!!!. 


We have done the ground work so you can feel confident to land that next record.

Grails are more than capable of taking big fish.  how does 14 and 15 times the line class sound.!!

"check out those in the gallery".

our latest IGFA world record            

grail lgogogo.jpg

Kevin McLoughlin finally succeeds.

Taking on any fish using 2kg mono requires thought and some strategies, but most of all, plenty of patience.

45-50mins later a new IGFA world record is pending. 


M-02   28.12kg School shark (tope) on 2kg.

that's over 14 times the lines breaking strain 

IGFA "pending" world record
Australian custom fishing rods