It doesn't take a large fish to get the adrenaline pumping when you only have a length 3 or 4kg mono as your go too. Wahoo, Tuna, small Marlin, Sailfish & Mahi-mahi empty a spool super quick, so when Owen tried to get a rod builder to make up a 3-4kg GAME ROD back in 2010, lets just say the end result was a no go. waste of time, why would you want a rod like that.!  are you crazy.?  and so on.
More than a decade on and with steep learning curves conquered during many trips back to Matava Fiji trialling most blank types.  Eventually the best blanks were found with a 19kg+ Wahoo taken on 3kg and Owen now produces premium grade light tackle rollered game rods specifically targeting pelagic's..
Building a rod is the easy part now, ...............
It's the unseen that loses a fish,  Yep.! I know all this sounds a bit technical, after all its only a fishing rod.!!!
(friction) elimination by using roller guides.
(feel) associated with the blanks action. (a grail has NOT is not a fast action blank. fast action blanks absorb feel)
(angler response) associated with the blanks power and action.
  (forgiveness) the blanks action allows for some angler error.
(angler control) the blanks power.  
all makes a huge difference and can mean failure or success. 
Of course a tackle shop rod with ring guides will land big pelagic's but the chances of continued success without frequent respooling is reasonably low. (the bail arm roller on a spinning reel is a friction hot spot.)
(increasing the odds by choosing the correct gear for the job, any job, is the key.)  
identical blanks and identical setup are still being used 10yrs later, (dont fix it if it ain't broke.)
A business name change from Eyre Rods with  the range of Holy Grail's to Grail Master Game rods during 2017-18.
A self taught rod builder since 2009 who now specializes in light tackle game rods builds his Grail Masters ready to freight.. each rod is hand built by Owen and have a lifetime warranty on his workmanship.. 
a well set hook is only the beginning.
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