Australian custom made fishing rods


Alps new super light Roller guides with a special single foot designed not to impede on the blanks natural flex.

High strength 61XX Aluminium body.

All pins, screws, and rollers are from SS316 anti rust Stainless Steel.  

custom fishing rod builders Australian made


Versatile AFTCO Lightweight Roller Guides bring new standards of guide performance to a wide range of FRESH AND SALTWATER rods designed for 2 to 30-lb. test monofilament line. They are LIGHTER than most "ring" guides, yet TWICE AS TOUGH! With rugged graphite composition frames and pure titanium guards and rollers



Beautifully presented from Alps, our stock ready made Grails with Alps gear selected have the new Titanium Smoke reel seat and matching gimbal.



The ever popular polished silver Fuji seat with matching gimbal. Nicely budgeted to suit Aftco's LW Roller guides.

custom australian made fishing rods


All Grail blanks come to us black and sprayed to any preferred colour either partially, full length or left as black.    


We do have great incentive's to try a Grail. 

Land a confirmed IGFA world record on a Grail and we will send you a spanking new Grail absolutely free, no charge, no strings attached.

you can even let a mate try to land a world record on your rod and if successful, he or she gets the new rod...  


we want you back on the boards with a Grail in hand as soon as possible.

send us the broken rod and we will repair if possible at cost, or build you a new one for a massive 40% off our prices. 

Australian fishing rods
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