do not accept the rod tube from the courier if it is severely damaged.

EVERY Grail is checked and rechecked for quality.  we then bubble wrap and place it securely in a pvc tube for our courier. 

We forward a tracking number and are notified of delivery, attempted delivery or other.  

please contact Owen if there is a problem..


we have never had a rod return however if this does occur, we ask several important things for you to do and NOT to do..

1: DO NOT fit a reel to the rod. it will mark the seat and the rod will instantly become 2nd hand. we will not accept the rods return.

2: DO NOT flex the rod by holding it mid length with one hand and pull the tip down with your other hand,  . the worst case scenario is that this way of flexing a rod is also called DRYsticking.  (highsticking without the water.) and we all know what can happen.

3: Refit the bubble wrap and return the rod into the pvc tube. call Owen to discuss issues.